8/9/17 – Mac DeMarco “2” (2012)

Mac DeMarco has recently blown up in the Indie scene, and 2 was his big break. He plays a lo-fi and demented Psychedelic Surf-Rock, and his weird personality comes across easily in his music. I first came across him on his Demo/EP Rock and Roll Night Club – and that was a little too rough, but I saw the potential. He’s since released two more albums, Salad Days (2014) and This Old Dog (2017), and his sound has changed slightly each time, but I think 2 is when it hit the perfect medium between off-beat Surf and Indie Pop.

Playing a cheap beat up guitar and cheap pedals, DeMarco creates a sound that’s entirely not cheap, it’s something home made and special. Dreaming is just wonderfully charming, weird little Rock song that always lightens my mood and calms me down. I love the guitar hook on Freaking Out the Neighborhood, and it’s one of the licks that I think of when I think Mac DeMarco. It’s a relatively high paced song that keeps it fun and light despite the lyrical content. Ode to Viceroy is by far my favorite song of DeMarco’s, and to me it perfectly captures his sound. It’s the sound of waking up strung out and a bit hungover, reaching for that first cigarette of the day. I haven’t smoked in a long time but it brings back memories of those relaxing summer nights out on the patio. The outro jam is just as perfect as the intro, and I wish it kept on going on because it’s one of those songs that I can listen to on repeat – the only other track I can do that is with the Beck sounding instrumental Boe Zaah.

I saw him live and was actually kind of disappointed. He played only songs on 2, but each one was a much higher tempo than the album version, and I think that ruined the vibe of them. When you take this laid-back and chilled out atmosphere and just speed up everything it completely changes it. He got shirtless on stage and started making out with anyone who would come up on stage, so I guess you could just chalk it up to drugs. Disregarding all that, 2 is a great album and it’s DeMarco at his best – you should check this out if you have only heard the recent stuff or haven’t checked him out before.