8/4/17 Girls “Album” (2009)

The aptly titled debut album from Girls was a sleeper for me, something that I didn’t really like at all until now. The main roadblock was Christopher Owen’s over the top west coast accent on his singing. It’s so much that if they weren’t based in California I’d say he was mocking the accent. I just decided to play the album again and weirdly found myself enjoying it. Girls play a mix of lo-fi Surf Rock and Indie Garage Rock, it’s got this great DIY aesthetic that’s just very charming. Opposite to Own’s singing is Chet “JR” White who backs him up vocally and together they are the entire band.

As I was bouncing around trying to find an album to review, I came across God Damned, a song that starts with a twangy, poorly recorded acoustic and thought I stumbled upon some folk singer I didn’t remember, but instead it was some lo-fi Surf Rock that I sort of enjoyed. Gave the album a full play and found myself really liking it. Songs like that and Lust For Life just give me a big smile on my face, summer fun was evoked- it something I hadn’t listened to this summer so far.

The comparisons to The Beach Boys are inevitable, and the most obvious influence from them is Big Bad Mean Motherfucker, complete with accompanying vocal harmonies. I love how they take their time with Hellhole Ratrace, slowly building up over the comparatively much longer 7 minute length. The daydream of Summertime and Lauren Marie is interrupted with the very Shoegaze like Morning Light, a favorite of mine on the album. The end the album with the cool and moody Darling, and it sort of wraps up the whole album in it’s melancholy turned hopeful through music. If you were turned off initially by the vocals like I was, give it another try and try to enjoy it for what it is.