8/2/17 – Live Review – Feeltrip records @ The Hideout

Thought I’d change things a bit – instead of doing an album review I figured it might be fun to right about a concert. Last night I went to see some local bands just for fun with a friend, hadn’t heard of anyone playing before but the entry fee was cheap and the place looked cool. The venue was The Hideout, and that was by far the best thing about the night. The place was really in the middle of a warehouse district so it was a little weird walking around the empty streets then suddenly there’s this bar. The people there were warm and friendly, and I felt right at home.

Originally I thought there was going to be an Indie band, I’m not sure what happened but they didn’t play. Instead the room was set up for a DJ Taroko, and he’s the majority of who we listened to that night. He’s got a dubtstep style of EDM, reminded me a lot of Oneohtrix Point Never. It was fun music – and I realized how old I sound when I say this – but it was really loud. The rib shaking bass was actually amazing, never felt too grating, but there was a lot of trebble that was just like nails on a chalkboard. There wasn’t really a whole lot of people showing up so no one was really getting in to it, so we kind of felt bad. But everyone starts somewhere, and you’ve got to just go out and do it. The visuals played during his set were awesome, he had a projection screen playing a looped video of glitched out 3D video demos, again reminding me of OPN. There was also a giant hand cutout with lights all around it – hyping up the headliner Cameron Traxxx. He was playing more straightforward House so we didn’t stay long after that. They had t-shirts and sweaters for sale, with that same hand symbol – all for Cameron Traxxx’s new cassette release. He and Taroko are on the same micro-label Feeltrip Records, so it was like a release night sort of thing. I liked the design so I bought a shirt and thought what the hell, it looks cool, and I don’t think they had another shirt to sell…

It was a fun night, even though it’s not my style of music I still like to support local bands but honestly I don’t do it nearly enough. I think if I lived within walking distance of a great venue I would go there much more often, but as it stands it’s usually an upheaval. I’m going to more concerts in the near future so I’ll probably do reviews for those as well. I’ll try to get a better picture than this one..