7/26/17 – Twin Souls of Sulfur “Twin Souls of Sulfur” (2011)

Twin Souls of Sulfur is a New York based Trip-Hop group that has only released this self titled debut album. I’m not even sure they’re still together since there’s been no activity since, but you never know. They were just a random find on bandcamp, and a pleasant surprise- this is a fun album to put on and chill out to. It looks to be the collaboration of singer Allison DeWitt and producer Forest Christenson. Dewitt sings with a sultry and seductive charm, and Christenson’s laid back, chilled out sampling form the bedrock for her. It feels like a combination of Lovage’s Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By (2001) and lots of varied Portishead.

Greener Pastures starts off the album quite innocuously but then soon explodes into the fantastic hook that is repeated throughout the song. I love how the plucked strings create such a danceable groove. This is easily my favorite track on the album. Although they flirt with auto tune, Terpsechorea is a wonderfully sexy song with some great buzzy synths. I really like the interlude Red Bicycle, it’s more layered than the other tracks and breaks up the slight monotony. It leads perfectly to the intimate and tender Backspace, different from the rest with it’s minimal synths and open lyrics. Strangely they end the album with the ambient instrumental Immune System, a pleasant track but I think I would’ve liked another Trip-Hop song.

In the end it’s not mind blowing, but it’s a great album to unwind to, put on while you relax or when you have folks over. If you love Trip-Hop or just chilled out music in general, check this out. If they are still making music, they could use the attention.