7/23/17 – Jacaszek “Kwiaty” (2017)

Jacaszek is a Polish musician who creates a blend of acoustic and electronic music – very atmospheric and dense. This latest album marks a slight change for him in that it features vocals. The lyrics were inspired by 13th century English poetry, but they’re often obfuscated by waves of droning synths or scratchy noise. The overall effect is quite compelling to me, it’s an eerie, inviting calm.

Kwiaty starts off with ambient noise and fractions of whispers on the opening track Flowers. The acoustic arrangements on this album are just gorgeous, and they flow so well with the ambient effects and disjointed vocals. Daffodils is simply stunning, there’s so many layers that stack perfectly on each other but it’s the ghostly vocals that make the track ethereal. To Blossoms starts off minimally unlike the other songs, with just a echoing beep and piano that slowly fade away into the background. Male and female vocals join here and it’s a really amazing track. It’s harder for an album like this to pick out individual songs for highlights because they flow so well into each other. It gives it that feeling of the songs blending together but I think that’s both unavoidable and also not a downside. In this sense I think in the end it becomes an Ambient album, with some fascinating variations.

I might’ve reviewed this album a little too soon, I’m on my third listen and I’m still discovering more. It’s very listenable and extremely calming music, and it’s now among my favorites for 2017. Check it out.