6/20/17 – Rorcal “Világvége” (2013)

Rorcal is a Swiss Black/Doom Metal group that have been putting out consistently fantastic but underrated albums. They play an unrelenting Metal that is a freight train of sound- once it gets going it does not stop. They blur the line between Doom and Drone with their long drawn out jams and “wall of sound” approach. Világvége follows the pattern they perfected in Heliogabalus (2010) of a slow build up to a nonstop barrage of intense Metal. The production on Világvége is a little better, more cleaner, whereas Heliogabalus was much more fuzzy and lo-fi.

Like I mentioned earlier, the album starts with I, an extremely slow paced introduction before the wrath of the rest of the album. It’s the most Ambient they get on this album, setting up a foggy and uneasy atmosphere before D crashes in. That’s the true introduction to their sound, and it can easily feel like it never ends, it’s a nearly 10 minute song of nonstop screams and guitar roars. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone who had a hold of the lyrics sheet, and it looks like the only way to get them is to contact the band. As soon as you think the torrential noise of D was over, II comes crashing in to blow your mind. The pace is picked up to a breakneck speed, this time being led by the heavy hitting drums. The change of tempo between tracks keep it from feeling too monotonous, but they still maintain the same colossal sound. V ends with a massive choir that is somehow more unsettling than the Doom Metal before and after it. The choir will show up again later on the album, to the same great effect. VII has a disgustingly good breakdown, probably my favorite moment on the album. The guitars somehow dig deeper and go lower than they have been, and the drums are just perfect here, nonstop cymbal crashes.

Világvége is a really brutal and unforgiving album, and still hasn’t gotten the recognition I think it deserves. Thankfully Rorcal is still recording music and hopefully they continue to evolve their sound. If you’ve liked the Doom Metal albums I’ve recommended in the earlier reviews, this should be your next stop. If you’re just getting into the genre, this might be a bit much as it does share a lot of similarities with Noise and Drone. Regardless, you should check this album out and see how you like it. Let it take over and drown out everything around you.