5/29/17 – Time To Burn “Is.Land” (2007)

As I’m still in a Metal mood, here we go with another. Time To Burn is a French Post-Hardcore/Black Metal group that’s unfortunately on hiatus, and likely won’t come back as this was their last LP release. If you need to sum up their sound in one word, it’s intense. Everyone is playing as loud and as animalistic as they possibly can, and singer Eddy Duluc’s screaming is just the same. It’s not my normal style of Metal that I listen to, but they occasionally break it down to a slow Sludge/Doom groove that hits my sweet spot. It did take me a listen or two before this clicked with me, and it has helped me branch into different Metal subgenres.

Is opens the album in explosive fashion, with these drums that feel like earthquakes and the feedback leads straight into Nayeli‘s bass heavy headbanging. It’s a smooth and natural transition that introduces their sound perfectly. Duluc’s scream perfectly matches the band, it’s emotive, angry, violent and volatile. Lyrically the album is heavy with themes of self identity, existentialism, and surprisingly enough – relationships. Emma Peel is just the band at their best all around, and it has the best outro on the album. There’s a quiet before the storm and this slow and amazingly heavy hurricane that crashes in with clean guitars.. just gorgeous. Tormenta amps up the raw noise of the group to where it’s nearly a Noise Metal sound, but throws in a deep Sludge riff that compliments it so well. It grounds the song and keeps it from floating into a Harsh Noise wall.

Land closes out the album with some very rare clean vocals, and they are beautiful. This song is my favorite on the album, they switch up the pace of their writing to a slower build that leads to an epic conclusion instead. It was a nice change from the in your face gut-punch that was the rest of the album, and something I wish was more common. It’s really unfortunate that they haven’t developed their music with a 3rd album, because if they continued the same progress it would’ve been a monster. What we have though with Is.land is still incredible stuff that’s worth checking out for sure. This is one Black Metal, Post-Hardcore, and Sludge fans should give a try, as it bridges those genres.