5/25/17 – Yodaka “よだか (Yodaka)” (2001)

Before releasing music under his own name, Kashiwa Daisuke released this EP under the alias “Yodaka”, and only this self-titled release. Later on down the road he would stretch this EP out to a full album under the title Betrayal and Reincarnation (2016), but I prefer the original version. His sound changed over the years but Yodaka is a loud and sometimes abrasive lo-fi Post-Rock record.

Amane opens the album slowly, with lots of layers of samples- both electronic and raw. The crescendo build up is excellent, and the band plays with a lot of emotion. Baobab is huge, and what attracted me to this EP to begin with. It starts with some weird glitches but over the upcoming Post-Rock jam is a a guitar so distorted it and echoed it sounds otherworldly, like something you’d expect on a Drone or Noise album. I really love the distortions on these guitars, they add so much depth to the noise and explosions of sound going all around them.

Speaking of Noise, Blackbird builds up to just that. It’s a little unexpected, but in a way the EP had been building up the intensity and distortion song by song naturally. What caught me off guard was the gentle intro to the track then a sudden burst into The Gerogerigegege style Noise. Blackbird (Remix) isn’t really a remix at all, it’s this disturbed glitched out song that’s unlike anything else on the EP. It’s unusual and interesting song, and following that is Ema, which finishes out Yodaka with wonderful, fuzzy lo-fi jam.

It’s an interesting pairing of Post-Rock and Noise, one that I haven’t heard nearly enough. Most of the time if there’s Rock involved with the Noise it’s Punk or Hardcore. Fans of Kashiwa Daisuke will know him for his piano work, and this is something of an unknown past of his, but it’s worth checking out. Post-Rock fans should absolutely try to find this if they can, it’s an amazing EP.