5/22/17 – The Underachievers “Indigoism” (2013)

AKTHESAVIOR and Issa Gold make up the New York Hip-Hop duo The Underachievers, and Indigoism is their debut mixtape. I had this downloaded for a while but never listened to it in full, and I can’t remember why. Probably because I thought “yeah yeah another NY rap group”, so I should really stop judging books by their cover. They’ve got a fantastic chemistry between themselves, and they have good taste in their production. Their sound is loud and in your face with drug heavy lyrics and that NY style of spitting that I’ve got a soft spot for.

Philanthropist kicks off the album with no introduction, just straight to AK’s fully automatic rapping. I really like his flow, and he’s got a good voice for Hip-Hop. Issa Gold is a good foil to him, he’s got a younger more eager voice and smooths out the songs. Revelations samples the awesome Cody ChesnuTT song Serve This Royalty, and that lonely guitar compliments their drug fueled lyrics wonderfully. Speaking of which, nearly all the tracks on this album are laced with drug references all over, it feels more than even a Stoner Metal group would. I want to say they’re like the After the Smoke if they took psychedelics, but that might be a dumb comparison.

Herb Shuttles is one of the songs where everything they’re going for just comes together and connects perfectly. AK and Issa Gold play off each other so well, tag-teaming each other in rapid succession, as this heavy trap beat goes off in the back. Potion Number 25 is The Underachievers at their trippiest, with LSD being the drug of choice here. It’s got this slowed down demented beat and one of my favorite lines in the albums:
“Don’t give a fuck about your bullshit
Blast off, kick back, like a full clip
Sit down, roll up, play the music
Relax mind, feel the love, like cupid”

I wouldn’t be quick to call Indigoism a classic but this album is just consistently awesome rapping that bumps. It’s 17 songs long which can be intimidating, but it’s not an LP, and it’s completely worth it. This mixtape is perfect for playing in the car or at parties, but I didn’t really remember any sick lines or crazy unique production or flow. On the other hand though, there was no point during the 17 songs where I felt it was going on too long, or felt one song was the rotten apple in the bushel, it was just solid straight through.