5/18/17 – Trist “Hin-Fort” (2007)

Trist is the German Dark Ambient group composed of Benjamin König (of Black Metal band Lunar Aurora) and Timo Kölling. Hin-Fort is a massive 2 hour record, split into two distinct parts. Part one (Hin) is a mix of Ambient, Noise, and Black Metal – it’s intense, atmospheric, and crushing. Part two (Fort) is more Ambient and sample focused, creating different disturbing moods as opposed to Hin’s monolithic approach.

Hin is a slow build up to a hurricane of noise, just one solid wall of sound that somehow grows louder every minute. The whole song lasts 60 minutes so it’s quite a journey to get through, but it’s so commanding in it’s presence. There’s a vocal sample about light and darkness, and suddenly a drum is added to the massive noise and does not let up. What I’m guessing is a double bass drum is pounded rapidly and endlessly, and soon a distant guitar is added. It’s so hypnotic and always puts me in a trance. Distant guitar melodies are repeated, and they are so gorgeous against the barrage of noise. It all dies down for another vocal sample, this time about the universe and wanting to have hallucinations… then we’re right back into the trance of noise.

The Fort section of Hin-Fort is much different, starting off with (Keine) Angst, the noise has died down and there are much more vocal samples. They are nearly all from horror movies, and the ambient is much more focused on creating a creepy environment. It’s not as incredible as Hin is, but it is still fascinating. Maybe if I was more into horror movies I might like it better, but it just doesn’t grab me like Hin did. The album as a whole is a unique experience, one that I think only fans of Ambient or Drone will like. I think a lot of Black Metal fans heard about this and expected more Metal, but this is not even close to what they imagined. Approach this as a Noise/Drone/Ambient album and you will love it.