5/13/17 – Beach House “Bloom” (2012)

Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally are the duo that make up Beach House, a Dream Pop band that’s been very successful in the indie scene since their debut Devotion (2008). I’m not sure what’s their most popular album now, but Bloom is their best in my opinion. It’s just so consistent in quality, and every song digs deep into your brain. There was a period of a few months where this is was basically all I played in the car, and I had to wear it out till I got sick of it just to move on to other music. Alex Scally plays the guitar and keyboards, and Victoria Legrand is the distinct and prominent singer for this group. She’s got quite a deep voice for a female singer, and I think that adds to the band’s uniqueness.

Myth starts off the album very strongly, and it’s easily my favorite track on the album. I just love the build up, the lyrics, the melodies, the hook, just everything about it is what Dream Pop strives for. The Hours is another massive favorite, I love the Shoegazy guitar(synths?) mixed in with their Dream Pop, and I really wouldn’t mind a full album like this. It’s about as rough as they get on this album, the rest of the songs are loud but much smoother. Troublemaker has a nice slow build up to the explosive chorus, and the clean piano here was an excellent choice, it backs up Legrand’s voice wonderfully.

Wishes is just gorgeous, and it gives off such a blissful, delirious vibe – especially with it’s very singable chorus. I’m always looking forward to the guitar solo on this track, and I love how the drums change up to mirror the guitar’s intro. Irene is a terrific closer, with it’s endless chanting of “it’s a strange paradise”. There is the hidden track Wherever You Go, and I think hidden tracks are lame on principle, and this is no exception. Silence is a good pallet cleanser and time for reflection/review in songs, but this really isn’t the genre for it. The songwriting is very efficient: it’s as simple as it needs to be, and there isn’t much on this album that feels like wasted space. Bloom has fantastically crisp production, dreamy guitars and synths that always lift my spirits. Get this album stuck in your head like I’ve had it since my first listen.