5/6/17 – Frustrator “Anther” (2013)

I had a song was stuck in my head, and I spent about an hour trying to remember what it was, and I finally found it- that song was Runwinter. This album has a number of earworms that bury themselves deep in my mind. After so many listens, I can easily map out every track after I hear the first few notes. Anther is the debut album of Frustrator (Tei Blow), and it’s from one of my favorite labels, Enemies List. Tei Blow mainly works in professional sound design, and that shows on this album. It’s very electronic, atmospheric, glitchy, and layered. He doesn’t rely entirely on the synths and samples though, a surprising amount of this album is driven by the guitar, and with his calm voice combined, Anther has a very tender feeling.

Runwinter‘s guitar melody was in my head and I couldn’t place it until I saw the album art in my mind, that was the key. Like a lot of the sounds (including his voice) on this album, it’s distant and ghostly. Despite all the songs on the album staying within a slow an contemplative/melancholy mood, each has their own unique flavor. Black Seas is much like the intro/title track Anther, very glitchy and reliant on bright synths. Nureyev has some wonderfully acidic bass and deep production. History is another favorite, but I wish it went on for 10 more minutes. It’s got such an old-world feel to it due to the fuzzy guitar sample and slow tempo. It also have my favorite lyric in the whole album:
“I lifted the dress and the body was mine
I stayed around till the last of the wine
And after a talk about nothing at all was sated

I Adore You and Ice Queen have a lovely lo-fi Folk feel that somehow fits in with the much more glitchy and electronic sounding songs on the album. Mistral is a fantastic little pop song with a fun skipping beat. The production on this album it stop notch, but it’s songs like these where Tei Blow flexes his sound design muscles to great effect. Melodies in Mistral are stripped away but sewn back together as the sound gets louder and louder, but his singing remains quiet and sincere. Anther is fantastic low-key Indie Pop, it’s music for smoking while you look out on the water at night.