5/5/17 – Be Your Own Pet “Get Awkward” (2008)

Be Your Own Pet was a Punk Rock band from Nashville, TN that have been one of the very few Punk bands that I’ve actually liked. Get Awkward came out during my senior year in high school but it’s got such a high school feel that I’m always reminded of my time there when I listen to this album. Not that the songs are tied to memories, but rather people I knew. The lyrics are just so upfront and honest in their immaturity, this album really embraces that teenage mix of angst and stupidity.

The band is fronted by singer Jemina Pearl, whose voice matches the aesthetic perfectly. She brings so much electricity to the sound, and the fuzzy guitars are surprisingly catchy. Their previous self titled album featured the band much more, but on Get Awkward, it really feels like Jemina Pearl is in the driver seat for it’s vision. Black Hole is a favorite, and probably the catchiest song on the album with it’s back and forth chorus that leads to the very chant-able chorus: “Oooh I’m living in a BLACK HOLE!”. Heart Throb and Becky are the most adolescent songs on the albums, with the former being all about puppy love and the latter being a hilarious song of a friendship that ends in murder. The Kelly Affair is a very groovy homage to the film Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970), and like the movie it’s filled with sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll.

Blow Yr Mind is the angriest she gets on the album, but it’s a only a brief outburst, not a full song. Bitches Leave is another film reference, this time to Robocop (1987). It’s another song about jealousy and hatred of a best friend. I also love the breakup song You’re a Waste, and as the title is any clue, it’s bitter and cold. This album takes me back but it’s more than a nostalgia trip, it’s very energetic music and has catchy melodies that stick in your ear. I think the production could’ve been better on Get Awkward, but that’s just crying over spilled milk. This is a great album to work out to, it’s just so fun and cathartic, like yelling into a pillow. Though the band broke up after this album, I feel like their spirit was reborn in the band White Lung.