4/18/17 – Daughn Gibson “All Hell” (2012)

Daughn Gibson (Josh Martin) is a singer-songwriter with a unique voice and an equally unique sound. All Hell caught my ear with it’s variation and Josh Martin’s deep voice which feels like it should belong to a Post-Punk band. He mixes Country, Indie-Pop, Experimental, Rock, Hip-Hop and more to create his strange yet catchy music.

Bad Guys is the opening instrumental bridging Country with Indie, but Josh’s voice is formally introduced in In the Beginning. It’s a glitchy Indie-Pop tune filed with short lo-fi piano samples. At times the scratchy recording can seem a little distracting but on subsequent listens this becomes less of an annoyance and more of something to admire. Tiffany Lou is probably the most pleasing sounding song on the album, it’s got a nice laid back pace and a chorus so chopped up it’s unintelligible but all the same relaxing. It reminds me a lot of the style of Frankenstein song creation that Clams Casino uses.

A Young Girl’s World is the first hint that there is something much more darker to this album, something depressing but strangely sinister. Both this song and the album in whole remind me of a David Lynch film. Lookin’ Back On ’99 picks up the pace with a thumping and groovy bass line and a paranoid guitar fills the song. Reviewing this album I finally noticed how sparse this album is lyrically. The songs are all very compact and Josh Martin uses his voice sparingly to great effect, the succinct lyrics give the songs a rich feeling.

The title track All Hell opens with some very disturbing sample I can’t identify. This honestly freaked me out on my first listen. Back to my David Lynch film analogy- this is the part of the film when the world is turned upside down. Lyrically it’s dark and sexually charged, and the instrumentation and samples are just fascinating, perfectly matching it. Again the lyrics are kept short but feel so full within the song:
“It’s a long way down
When good gets in my way
I’m not fond of making love
When all the fun leaves me sorry
She is a lonely girl
She wants to do it outside
When the world gets hot
It’s like all hell is taking its time”

It’s bizarre how this album seeps into my brain, it’s not mind blowing on the surface but I just keep coming back to it. Even tonight I didn’t know what to review and I eventually saw the album cover and remembered how I wanted to share this album with someone, anyone. It’s unusual but familiar, and oddly attractive. I’m glad I started this blog because it’s so nice to remember all the music I promised myself I’d listen to.