4/16/17 – The Files & Fires “For People Talk Lightly…” (2011)

Following up on yesterday’s review is another Post-Rock album, but with a completely different sound from Powder! Go Away. The Files & Fires was a Connecticut based group that I found on Bandcamp and this album caught my attention. Their sound is much more ambient and ethereal – filled with strings and cymbal crashing to create an eerie yet beautiful sound.

A moody Berliner opens the album with some ominous ambient noise, but it’s not a true indication on how the rest of the album will be. What sets up the mood better is the following track,  The Iron Pillars. It gives a good indication how what is to come, but as with a lot of Post-Rock music, the trap is to sound very samey – but The Files & Fires avoids this entirely. A Miracle Saved Us is a great example of how varied the sound is on this album, starting off with some very glitchy samples with many layered loops going on in the background. It might all seem like too much but as one sample fades out, another takes it’s place. And The Day Goes By, But Time Stands Still finishes the album peacefully, a 14 minute long song that drifts more into ambient than the rest of the album has so far.

I liked this album when I first listened to it, but I loved it when I relistened to it outside. There are very few moments of isolated instrumentation, even in the introduction of new songs there are many layers at once. I guess it feels like it makes sense outside where there is no silence, there’s always something making noise. The soft tones on the keyboard and cymbal buildup on Let Us Unfold Our Veils In The Wind give a very wind/ocean feel to the song. It all builds up to very emotional and contemplative music that is just perfect to listen to at 2am with a cigarette in your hand.