4/14/17 – The Dismemberment Plan “Emergency & I” (1999)

The Dismemberment Plan is an Indie Rock band most known for this album, receiving a lot of critical acclaim after it’s release. I had heard of this band for a while but never checked out the music. It was only until recently that I finally listened to it, and I think it would’ve been one of my favorite albums growing up. It reminds me a lot of the Indie Rock that I was obsessed with in High School, and although I’ve kind of outgrown that sound, I can still enjoy this album.

A Life of Possibilities introduces the listener to their unique sound – an acidic bass and singer Travis Morrison’s high pitched voice. It’s a very off-putting and weird discordant sound that slowly becomes more natural sounding as the song goes on. They are absolutely more experimental than your average Indie Rock band, even in contemporary Indie. That pattern of unusual sounds that become more and more pleasing over the course of the song continues throughout the whole album. Memory Machine blends genres together effectively, you can hear Post-Hardcore and Math Rock influences throughout the song without it feeling too unnatural.

What Do You Want Me to Say? is one of my favorite songs on the album, it’s got such a catchy chorus that I can’t help but sing along, along with some great headbang-worthy guitar screeches. This album has some very groovy tracks but it’s got adrenaline and anxiety fueled songs like I Love a Magician and Gyroscope, it keeps the mood on edge, and keeps the relistens very interesting. You Are Invited and Back and Forth are the catchiest songs on the album, both high energy but uplifting as opposed to the panic of 8 1/2 minutes. I’ve said it before, but I would’ve really loved this album when I was in High School. More than pure enjoyment, I mainly get nostalgia when I listen to this album, but it really is fantastic. My tastes have just changed, but it’s still a recommendation to anyone who likes Indie music.