4/10/17 – Singles Special – Joji and King Krule

I couldn’t think of an album I wanted to review, but I had a few songs that I did want to talk about, so I’m taking a break to do a review of two singles that have stuck with me.


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Joji – Medicine (2016)

Joji is the alias of George Miller, but he is better known as Filthy Frank. I’m not a fan of his Filthy Frank persona, but he does make some great remixes under “Joji”. Medicine is a remix of a song of the same name by the band Daughter. Joji’s remix chops the vocal track up and increases the tempo slightly with some added drum samples. Despite all that, it still keeps a lot of the emotional impact, mainly due to singer Elena Tonra’s powerful delivery. What gets me is the art used on the video I first heard this on – a picture of Joji with Anthony Fantano. Somehow the music just matches perfectly with the picture and I’m flooded with strong emotions of the past and friendship. I think of the summers between school, old friends I’ll never talk to again, the friendships I have now, and if they mean as much as my old friendships. It somehow cuts through to my core and I can’t explain why.

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King Krule – Out Getting Ribs (2010)

Out Getting Ribs is my favorite song of all time. Back then King Krule was known as Zoo Kid, and he was only 16 when this was released. The emotion, airy production, echoing vocals, haunting and enchanting guitars, thunderous bass drum hits, lyrics, intro and conclusion.. just everything is perfect. I’m at a loss for words as to how to properly describe how much I love this song. I might come back and edit this to add more, but it feels like I’d just be adding fluff… just listen to it. The song was re-recorded for his debut album 6 Feet Below the Moon, but it was changed slightly to fit the theme of that album. I don’t know if he’ll ever top this song, but I don’t expect him to.