4/8/17 – Raime “Quarter Turns Over a Living Line” (2012)

Raime is a London based Electronic/Drone/Experimental duo that I have been listening to since I first heard this album, their debut, in 2012. I think it was the haunting album art that caught my eye, and I decided to give it a listen. It’s so simple but still unnerving, and it remains one of my favorite album artworks still. When I finally listened to the album, it was some of the darkest music I’ve heard that isn’t just Noise or Metal.

Quarter Turns Over a Living Line is cold and menacing. It’s full of looped samples and thunderous bass hits that are soon dwarfed by even louder and heavier bass hits. It does a great job of creating a brutal and repetitive atmosphere with how much it repeats itself. The Last Foundry is a grim march with a never ending scratching sound and occasional snare drum to keep the pace going as the background gets louder and louder. Soil and Colts is probably my favorite track on the album. It starts off simple with some heavy and loud drums, but expands to include a sharp screech that I can’t identify. I really can’t identify a number of sounds and samples that they’ve used in this album, even after many many listens.

The Walker in Blast and Bottle is a slight change of pace with some tinny synths being the main loop, but like the rest of the album, a nightmarish bass soon takes over. Your Cast Will Tire grows the sound to epic proportions with a chorus of vocal samples to give it an interestingly heavenly sound. It contrasts well with the dark tones, something I just recently noticed. The Dimming of Road and Rights finishes the album with my favorite drumwork on the album. They’ve got the sound just perfect on this track, it pounds straight to my heartbeat every time.

The whole album is like a movie soundtrack to the most intense or scary scene of the film… but it never ends. There’s no moment of respite for you to recover from the tension. But given all that, there’s a draw to the album that I can’t describe. I shared this with a friend just to see his reaction, but he genuinely liked the album, even though it’s not like anything usually listens to. Maybe this album will catch you by surprise too.