3/19/17 – ██████ “Demo” (2013)

██████, pronounced  “nic” (meaning “nothing” in Czech), is an atmospheric black metal group with plenty of post-hardcore and post-rock influences. The whole demo EP is untitled, just like the Czech band itself. This of course gives the air of mystery around the band, and unfortunately they haven’t released much since this EP. At least that’s what I’ve been able to dig up, I had to research the group just get ANY info about them, you can’t really google “blank band demo”. Their bandcamp is even wedonthaveaname.bandcamp.com

The content of this album though is explosive, guitars and drums rattle on a hurricane of sound as the singer screams. I’m not really a fan of the screamo singing style, and while I’m not fond of it here, I can tolerate it. The instrumentation is phenomenal and as interesting as it is oppressive. I find myself turning the volume up every other minute. This is a very good album to just sink into,  let it take over. Each one of the tracks on this EP has their own flavor, and you can absolutely feel the emotion poured into this project.

Post-hardcore fans will love this, and I think post-rock fans can appreciate this as well. It took a while till I was okay with the singing style, but give it some time – it will grow on you. It’s used more as another instrument to add to the wall of sound. In a genre that can easily swallow up bands by labeling them”just another black metal band”, ██████ carves a niche for itself, and they have their own voice. It’s a shame though they haven’t put out a proper full length EP. Maybe they will, or maybe I just haven’t found it yet.