3/17/17 – Little Kid “Flowers” (2016)

Little Kid is fronted by Kenny Boothby, and my first introduction to Little Kid was his solo album Logic Songs (2011). That album was extremely intimate, atmospheric, and emotionally authentic. Since then Kenny has added other members to the band, and naturally their sound had to grow out of the “one man, a guitar, and a microphone” sound. With any band, it’s rare that they get better with each album they put out, but Little Kid accomplishes that with seemingly incredible ease.

Flowers branches more into indie rock, but retains Kenny’s lyrical tonality and intimacy. It straddles the line between lo-fi/singer-songwriter and indie-rock so well it’s astonishing. Nothing That is Was Ever Meant To Be is a great example of this, Kenny is whispering in your ear as the band gets louder and louder until an explosive jam takes over, but you can hear him straight through it all. In a way – instead of ambient noises surrounding Kenny Boothby’s voice (as on Logic Songs), it’s the band. This is again repeated on It Did Not Happen, where the drone of the guitar and the drum are turned to an apocalyptic level of loudness after a slow build up. It just builds the mood of the album so well, and then comes Think It Over. It is probably the most upbeat song on the album, but that too dips into drone near the end.

Crashing in after that though, comes Missionary with it’s loud and upfront bass line. The transition is so abrupt it reminds me of the transition in Have a Nice Life’s Deathconsciousness (2008) – but that’s for another day. It’s a happy musical surprise, one that I can’t help but describe it like a breath of fresh air, and there are many to be found on Flowers. Missionary is such a groovy track that I never notice how it is over 10 minutes long. I Just let it hypnotize me every time – a skill that this band has in spades.

This album gives me a sense of calm that is not common with other albums, but the songs are far from happy go lucky – songs like Bastard and The Joke You Told are heartbreaking. This is another album I would recommend to everyone, I think everyone can take something out of this they would love. Obviously fans of indie-rock and singer-songwriter music will be more inclined to love this. Little Kid is criminally unpopular, I wish them all the success in the world.