3/15/17 – Soulja Slim “Years Later…. A Few Months After” (2003)

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Soulja Slim was rapper in the dirty south in the heyday of southern hardcore hip-hop, and he was a rapper that actually did what he rapped about – and was eventually killed most likely because of that lifestyle. This is the last album he released, and is actually the sequel to Years Later (2002). Soulja Slim is probably known most online because of the ridiculous album art on Give It 2 ‘Em Raw (1998) – I’ll post the image at the bottom of this page.

My appreciation of Soulja Slim is a mix of kitsch and genuine love. He’s not the most skilled rapper, and not even of the dirty south scene, but one I keep coming back to… he grows on you. A Few Months After features my favorite track of his Cheeze Eataz. I can listen to this track nonstop, it’s beat is so nasty and Soulja Slim’s delivery fits perfectly with it. It’s hard to describe Soulja Slim’s rapping style without just saying “southern hip hop” and dodging the question. He sounds genuinely pissed off and authentic about what he’s spitting.

Unfortunately the rest of the album doesn’t reach that same high water mark as Cheeze Eataz. I think the biggest problem is that the production. A lot of the time it sounds too DIY, and sometimes just straight amateurish on tracks like I’ll Pay Fa It, but kitsch on tracks like “U Hear Dat” – filled with gun sounds for the percussion.

I think the main reason I’m not completely in love with this music is because I’m not completely in love with raw southern hip-hop. Soulja Slim’s music is like the shining example of the scene at that time. So it ends up being a mixed bag, songs like Fuck You Nigga with it’s production on point and brilliant contributions from  Lil Real One, Twelve A ‘Klok & Kayotic make me wish the whole album was like this. Whereas U Bootin’ Up and I’ll Pay Fa It Part 2 I can take or leave… I would still absolutely recommend this album – but to the right person. A casual hip hop fan can find some stuff to enjoy here, but someone who enjoys southern or lo-fi raw hip hop will find stuff to LOVE.

His other album Give it 2 ’em Raw (1998)

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