3/14/17 – Ween “The Mollusk” (1997)

I avoided Ween for so many years and I genuinely feel remorse over that. They were weird and my brother wouldn’t shut up about how great this music was, so I branded it ‘stupid’ and never looked back. After seeing it posted online a lot I finally went back to check it out, just out of boredom. That first listen was a wondrous nautical adventure.

This album changes genres song to song, yet somehow the flow of the album seems completely natural. It opens up with the demented I’m Dancing in the Show Tonight – a song that turned off a lot of people I’m sure. It’s a song you’d hear at a 6th grade talent show… Following that though is the title track, The Mollusk. This is when it hit me that there’s more to the than just random/silly shit. Mutilated Lips is when it was cemented into my mind that this was an important album. It’s a surreal acid trip and one that I always want to come back to. Following up is the fun Irish drinking song “The Blarney Stone”. I loved that song on first listen but find myself wanting to skip it on subsequent listens.. maybe the joke has just gotten old on me

The Golden Eel is another favorite that repeats the psychedelic rock sound that this album dips into. Cold Blows the Wind is a song sung from a widow’s perspective, about her wanting to kips her corpse of a lover’s lips… as you process that song, what follows is Pink Eye.. one of the funniest songs of all time, without any lyrics. You’ll have to listen to it to understand, but the dog bark always gets me. Waving my Dick in the Wind reminds me unmistakably of Primus, even though there’s no bass. Ocean Man has become a meme but it still is undeniably fun song that I can’t tire of.

I absolutely recommend this album to everyone, but they need to strap in – casual listeners of music might find this way too weird. But that’s good.. let it take you out of your comfort zone- and listen to the album in full!