3/13/17 – Spiritualized “Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating in Space” (1997)

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating in Space is the post-rock tour de force from Spiritualized. Some sites have it listed under “Space Rock” … but I feel like that’s a bit too narrow. It’s got space themes, but I don’t think that requires a new genre. This album is a blend of Post-Rock, Psychedelic Rock, and hints of Experimental Rock.

Quite soon into this masterpiece, I think any listener will realize the magnitude of this record and what they are in for. The opening title track slowly lures the audience in and then starts layering the sounds on top of each other to create something something sad but somehow triumphant. That’s about as happy as it gets on this album, as Jason Pierce delves deep into heartbreak, depression, and addiction.

Heroin is a common thread on these songs, the drug that Jason Pierce struggled with during the recordings. His openness with the drug use often reminds me of The Velvet Underground – they both paint a realistic picture of the desperation for the drug. Both the drug use and heartbreak come together on Home of the Brave only to be followed up with The Individual – an instrumental piece that feels like the center of the album. That track feels like the crash after a high, and the follow up Broken Heart is the morning after, the honest truth that he is heartbroken. After that though, comes No God, Only Religion, another instrumental track that feels like the relapse.

Ending the album is Spiritalized’s version of Sister Ray – the 17 minute long Cop Shoot Cop. This is a tornado of a song, sweeping you up off your feet. It hypnotizes you so well you don’t notice that 17 minutes have passed, and you wish the song went on longer… I think I could listen to that guitar and piano for hours. The whole album is brilliant from start to finish, it’s one everyone should take time out of their day to listen to.